After working for a number of years providing health & safety services to outdoor events, Tiger Tea observed many event organisers were doing the minimum to meet requirements under License Objective 4 “the protection of children from harm” There may have been a wrist band indicating whether someone was over or under age  or a "lost kids" area, usually within the First Aid or Security tent, but that was the extent of the provision.

Based on this, in 2011 we launched Tiger Tea Kids or TTK – a service to help events provide child/youth welfare at outdoor events. Before long, the TTK team realised we were supporting many adults as well as those under 18 so we expanded Tiger Tea Kids to include Tiger Tea Kindness.

So TTK continues, caring for the needs of people of all ages at events throughout the UK.




To put it simply, welfare provides support to event attendees who find themselves in trouble or distress and need a safe secure place to turn to for help. This can cover a wide range of services 

·         Traditional Welfare

·         Youth /Child Welfare

·         Parent Support

·         Lost Property

·         Information Point






WELFARE – Traditionally the welfare team at a festival or event cares for people who are distressed. In many cases this may be due to misuse of alcohol or drugs when people may want a safe sheltered non-judgemental place where they can be supported until they are feeling better.

There is so much more. At a festival, the TTK welfare team will help people who have lost their tent or clothing due to wet weather. We give emotional support people who have suffered an abuse. The list of ways we can help is as longs as your arm.




TTK can help event organisers with their Duty of Care ensuring the safety of all those under 18. As well as having DBS checked personnel who can look after “lost kids” we can advise on best methods for looking for missing children on sites.

TTK can also support with those troublesome teens. At many music festivals we help with ID checks at the gates to make sure no under-aged person gets into the site unless they are accompanied by an adult. 




TTK has to ability to support family friendly events. Our personnel are understanding of the needs of those with little ones. Parents with babies or small toddlers often need a sheltered safe place to change or feed their tots without having to squat under a tree or duck back to the car or campsite. We have changing tables, feeding chairs and other facilities to help the parent care for their little ones and still enjoy the rest of the event. Great for customer relations!




Two of the services that support the public attending your event can make all the difference to their experience: Lost Property and Information. 

Having a calm, friendly face to talk to when they’re panicking over a lost wallet or mobile phone can help put someone at ease and feel reassured that your event is paying attention to their problem and doing their best to resolve it.


And all those questions; where’s a cash point? where’s the closest train station and when’s the next train? Where is the main stage? What time does the parade start? They may seem like daft or nagging little questions to you but having a calm, smiling face willing to listen and try to answer any questions will leave a more favourable impression of your event. TTK can offer competent personnel to run a Lost Property point or Information desk at your event.