Want to be part of our team?


People become part of the TTK team for a variety of reasons. Some enjoy festival life and want to be part of an event; to help others while also getting a chance to see some festival activities.


Others volunteer because they want to care for people who may be in distress. We have many volunteers from the caring community; teachers, nurses, councellors, drug project workers, sexual health workers and so on. These are people who take an active interest in seeing that event attendees have a helping hand when they need it most.


Still others want to work with child and youth protection, seeing that those event attendees who are underage stay safe, and parents have support.


Have you thought of volunteering? By becoming part of our team  we  can provide you with training and guidance on how to give the best support possible to anyone who walks in to the welfare unit. And with experience, you may become part of our senior team of managers and supervisors.


Want to know more?

Follow this link to our job description and application form.